JTD - Getting Things Done with JIRA


Base Idea

The base idea behind JTD is to find a configuration of the JIRA Personal Edition allowing to perform GTD. The Personal Edition of JIRA is free for personal, non-comercial environments, so everybody can use it for the personal things to do.

Web of JIRA

The next idea is to extend JIRA in a way that the single personal editions of different people can communicate with each other. All communication will be by email, so the JIRA instances can be installed in a private environment not exposed to the internet. At first the following should be possible: When person A delegates an issue to person B an issue in person B's jira is created and when person B is finished with that issue person A's jira gets informed and the issue in person A's jira can be finsished.

Ease of Installation

Another idea is to have a plug-in that does all the boring set-up stuff inside JIRA for JTD so that installing JTD is as easy as installing JIRA and dropping in a single plug-in.

What comes next

  • Automate the set-up of a JTD-Project.
  • Set up a web-page for this project (what you currently see).


v1.0 (2008-12-30)

  • Added Stuff from Mail
  • Added Custom Field 'Delegagte'
  • Added usage of 'JTD Suite' JIRA plug-in
    • Sending mails to a 'Delegate', which could be someone who is not a JIRA user.

v0.3 (2008-12-25)

  • Merged workflows of Stuff and Project for an easier workflow.
  • Renamed 'all' to use JTD instead of GTD.
  • Added Screens.
  • Added more descriptions how I use the system.


  • First configuration using a plain Enterprise JIRA. I released the document containing what I did as jtd-plain v0.2.
  • Currently I am using what I did an I start to like it more than ThinkingRock (which is a great product but I want a server version).